Kinect Experiments

My friend Oscar and I are collaborating on an new media piece for his upcoming show Nordic Pop.  Given that I have ZERO experience with new media installations, it’s fair to say that we’re being a little less-than-daring on my first venture into the Chelsea Art scene.  Originally, we had talked about incorporating projectors into the piece, but ultimately we made the decision to go with a motion video, to keep things simple.

For the visuals, I wanted to incorporate some level of 3D, and thus we decided upon using a Microsoft Kinect for Windows to get the job done.  Originally conceived to take advantage of Eyebeam’s RGB+D Toolkit, I soon realized that the software requires an X-Box Kinect.  No matter.  The depth camera alone can produce some pretty spectacular visuals, and coupling it’s output with 3D Studio Max + V-Ray, and I was able to create fantastically surreal yet organic images.  Be sure to come check out the final product at the show.


Nordic Pop
Premieres 3.28.13
Gallery 151
132 W 18th Street

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