2013: The Year of Living Dangerously

url-2After 3 years working with my partners at The Luv, I’ve decided to move back into the freelance world.  It was an incredibly hard decision to make, not just because the pay was decent, but also because I care about my team so much.  Chrissie, Sal, Jen–you guys have been amazing to work with!  Ultimately though, I have a wide range of career interests that I’m eager to pursue…most of which fall outside of the world of advertising.

And thus begins my journey into the world of Projection design.  The use of technology within theater has always been an interest of mine, but it’s never something I’ve seriously considered pursuing before.  Within the last few years, the use of projection devices within the theatrical space has risen from a niche subset into a full-fledged integral part of modern shows.  After a chance meeting with one designer in business, I have a newfound desire to try my hand at the job and see if it works.

To be clear, I’m not starting with nothing – I’ve developed a wide gamut of applicable skills within the advertising space that should carry over nicely:  I’m a programmer!  I’m a 3D artist!  I like watching theater!  Okay, so I guess we’ll have to see where it gets me.  Anyway, 2013 should prove to be an interesting year… Stay tuned!